About Us

Why choose us?

Sifat In Urdu, means quality or khoobi. We bring you the best quality textiles from the small and shrinking community of weavers in Banaras. Our timeless collection of sarees, suits, yardage, ensembles, dupattas, upholstery are not only exquisite but also extremely affordable. Sifat acts as an enabler for producer groups to constantly innovate and adapt their products to contemporary demands. It has also brought marginalised Artisians who weave magic through their fingers into mainstream production. Sifat engages in capacity building. consumer and market awareness, product diversification, with an aim to build domestic and international demand for Banarasi handwoven textiles .

Sifat Banaras is a continuation of the family tradition of creating the most authentic , timeless Banarasi textiles in the form of sarees, dupattas, yardages, since 1919.